PEL Classic Microwave 20Ltr - Black

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A durable crown with tactile response that makes navigation easier.

Gives convenience of setting power levels for variety of cooking.

Selection of cooking type and heat time with additional convenience of clock and kitchen timer.

Unique censor technology allows you to select appropriate weight, temperature settings and time to cook your required meal.

Automatically adjusts weights and power level for speedy defrosting.

The only Microwave in Pakistan which offers 2 years magnetron warranty.

Capacity 20 Liters
Glass Tray Diameter 245 (inch, mm)
Power Input 220~240V 50 Hz (Volts/Hz)
Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Unit outside Dimension 452 x 327 x 262 mm
Cavity 315 x 280 x 195 mm
Microwave Input 1200 Watt
Microwave Output 700 Watt
Magnetron Warranty 2 Years

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