EM-2022WSM & EM-2022BSM EcoStar Microwave Oven

Sale priceRs.9,600.00


  • 6 Microwave Powers
  • Available in Black & White Outlook
  • Microwave Cooking
  • Glass Tray
  • 30 Mins Setting
  • Mechanical Panel
  • Auto Defrost (Meat, Poultry, Seafood)
  • Painted Steel Cavity
  • Pull Door
  • New Knob Design
  • 700W Microwave Power Output
  • 1200W Power Consumption (Microwave)

20 Ltrs

Power Consumption

220-240V/50Hz, 1200W

Rated Microwave Power Output


Operation Frequency


Outside Dimensions H × W × D

262 mm (H) × 452 mm (W) × 340 mm (D)

Oven Cavity Dimensions H × W × D

198mm(H) × 315mm(W) × 297mm(D)

Cooking Uniformity

Turntable System

Net Weight (kgs)

Approx.10.5 Kg

6 Microwave Powers

Unlike conventional models, EcoStar microwave ovens deliver optimal cooking temperature that suits the flavor, texture and nutritional value of each kind of cooking. As a result the food is cooked more evenly and is more delicious to eat

Auto Defrost

By adjusting the temperature to fit the job, meat can be evenly and thoroughly defrosted more perfectly than you’ve experienced before.

Painted Steel Cavity

The interior coating is scratch-resistant and makes cleaning simple and easy. It takes just a couple of wipes to clean the microwave interior. The coating also reduces harmful bacteria from adhering to the surface.

Mechanical Panel

Easy-to-use dial control allows you to increase or decrease time while food is cooking, adding convenience and precision.

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